Visi's Hydrolyzed Collagen Protein has been helping customers recover quicker from a variety of injuries, as well as from those requiring surgery.  Collagen Types I - V supports your body's natural ability to regenerate the following tissue types: Bone, Ligament, Muscle, Tendon, Cartilage, Skin, and more - so regardless of injury type or severity, Visi will support your recovery.

I have had the privilege of meeting and becoming friends with Professional Natural Bodybuilder, Darrin Grosenick.  Darrin credits Visi products for enabling him to overcome a career ending shoulder injury.  His doctors advised he would never lift again, let alone compete and reach his goal of turning Professional.  He not only dislocated his Biceps Tendon, he tore his Subscapularis Muscle, Supraspinatus Muscle and his Infraspinatus Muscle.  His journey is a true testament to how well the Visi products work.  Click on the link to learn more about Darrin's  amazing recovery. 

Jen Wood-Holiday is a former SEC Player of the Year, All-American and the Founder/Director of Springfield, Illinois' Top Notch Volleyball Club.  Jen injured her shoulder in February 2014.  "I was in so much pain and my movement was so restricted, I could no longer hit or serve down balls, toss balls or do any of the things a coach needs to do.  After a year with no improvement, it was time to schedule surgery.  I decided to try Visi and after just FOUR WEEKS of using the products, I discovered I was able to shoot a basketball, throw a softball and finally able to serve and hit a volleyball PAIN FREE!"  Jen's aching knees and back have also improved.  Visi's AC2 Technology is amazing!

I recommend Visi's Nufinna and Probita to families of injured athletes, because not only has it helped me, it has helped my son, Kenton, recover quicker from various injuries he has encountered while playing football and basketball.   As a mom of an injured athlete, I truly appreciate how Visi's AC2 Technology helps the body naturally heal the normally difficult to heal tendons and ligaments, as well as bone, muscle, and skin.  Kenton fractured his hand during basketball.  At his 10 day checkup, his orthopedic doctor was surprised Kenton had no point tenderness, no swelling, or pain. Nufinna also helped Kenton recover from a severely strained muscle in his lower abdomen quicker, so he did not miss any football games.  Nufinna and Probita also allowed Kenton to heal from a severe ankle sprain late in his senior year basketball season, thereby allowing him to help his team win a second straight Regional Championship.  

During a pre-season 7 on 7 competition, one of Kenton's football teammates, MJ #7, suffered an injury to his hip, which continued to get worse as the season went on.  After going down in a game, the Orthopedic physician suspected MJ had a stress fracture.  Before he was able to get an MRI to confirm the stress fracture diagnosis, MJ started taking both Nufinna and Probita (20 grams/day).  Within two weeks, MJ was completely pain free and did not miss any games due to his injury.  

The following year, another former teammate, Vince #3, suffered a broken collarbone during a preseason football practice his Freshman year at St. Ambrose.  Vince was given a bag of Nufinna and instructed to drink one serving a day (12 grams) to help speed his healing.  The following week, Vince advised he could already feel the Nuffina healing the bone.  Vince made a full recovery and has not had any residual problems since!


For years, Harrison Creswell, the son of Chris and Jennie, dealt with chronic ankle weakness issues, resulting in frequent ankle sprains.  Even when his ankles were taped, if Harrison landed wrong, his ankle would roll causing him to not only fall, but reinjure the ankle.  Nearing the end of his Senior basketball season, Harrison injured his right knee.  There was a real concern about whether or not he would miss the remainder of the season.  Harrison started using Nufinna daily, which allowed him to help lead his team to the Sectional Final game.  Harrison continues using Nufinna and advises not only did his knee completely heal, his ankles are healthy and strong, so he no longer needs to tape or wear braces at all!  

In the Fall of 2014, a Senior football teammate of Kenton's, Cole #2, suffered a complete ACL tear during a football game.  I shared Darrin's remarkable story with his mom.  After undergoing surgery to repair the ACL, he experienced an amazing recovery.  According to his mom, he drank one Nufinna shake/day (12 grams of HCP) beginning the day after his surgery and continued doing so throughout his rehabilitation.  He was released to resume full physical activities 113 post-op!  Because of Visi, he  was able to compete with his team during the final 7 basketball games of his Senior season -   Priceless!


Brandon encountered a high ankle sprain with partial ligament tearing the 2nd day of his Junior year soccer season.  The injury limited Brandon's ability to play at full capacity and it never fully healed.  The injury continued to limited  Brandon's ability to play basketball.  Even with it taped, Brandon limped badly, which limited the amount of time he was able to be in the games.  Near the end of the season, Brandon began taking 2 Probita/day.  By the start of baseball season, Brandon's ankle had noticeably improved and he experienced no pain issues whatsoever.  Even when Brandon turned the same ankle during a game, it healed quickly with no residual problems.  Brandon's father also credited Probita for resolving two other chronic injury issues plaguing Brandon - an ongoing hip pain issue and a shoulder pain issue that had developed during his Sophomore year.  Brandon finished his high school career competing in all three sports his Senior Year without experiencing any limitations or injuries!  Brandon continues using Probita and is currently playing soccer at the Collegiate level.

Maddie Brown, a musician/singer with Springfield Area's Lick Creek Country Band, used Visi's Chocolate Probita to help speed her post-bunion surgery recovery, so she could be back performing on stage without being slowed by her foot not being fully healed.  Maddie previously had bunion surgery on her left foot in January 2012, then had surgery on her right foot this past November 2016.  Maddie said she was pretty consistent in taking 2 Probita daily.  The addition of Probita enabled Maddie to get out of her cast a week sooner and subsequently out of her orthopedic boot and able to wear tennis shoes 2 weeks quicker than she had experienced with her first surgery!   She was able to get back into her boots for performances months sooner than she had with her previous surgery!  Amazing healing!

On April 6, 2015, Illinois State Police Trooper Guy Vancina was critically injured off-duty, when a drunk driver T-boned his car.  The impact of the crash pinned Guy between the driver's door and his center console, resulting in a crushed pelvis, broken ribs, ruptured spleen and other bruised internal organs.  The pelvic fractures were of utmost concern due to the unknowns of healing as the recovery would progress.  Doctors were also concerned about any unforeseen nerve issues that often accompany those injuries. Shortly after Guy was released from the hospital, he began using Nufinna to help with his recovery.  "I used Nuffina daily and added it to a smoothie as directed and felt the difference immediately. "  "I felt stronger and this enabled me to complete more approved recovery exercises with less pain.  I also noticed that when I was cleared to be up on my feet again, I was able to return back to most of the gym exercises that I had been performing prior to the accident and almost the same weight lifting as well.  Guy returned to work on July 20, 2015 - just a little over 3 months after being critically injured!  Nuffina's 98.4% bio-identical hydrolyzed collagen protein containing Collagen Types I - V enabled Guy to experience phenomenal healing!