Are you leading your fullest, happiest and healthiest life?  Are you able to travel like you want, participate in various activities you enjoy, or are you missing out due to declining health?  Unfortunately, the Standard American Diet (SAD, and it is SAD) makes it virtually impossible to get the vital amino acids, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other nutrients your body needs without supplementation.  VISI, MODEXUS   and/or IMMUNOTEC products contain the amino acids our bodies require for many critical intracellular processes that keep us healthy.  Visi's AC2 Technology contains Collagen Types I - V, of which our bones, ligaments, tendons, skin, cartilage, all organs, including the eyes and brain, as well as the entire cardiovascular system are mainly comprised.  Immunotec's glutathione producing Immunocal/Immunocal Platinum, Visi's Immuniti, and Modexus' Lonicera Longevity, in addition to their other immune health supporting products ensure total body health!  Studies have proven regardless of age; the body can heal and regenerate healthy cells/tissue when given the amino acids it needs. Visi, Modexus and Immunotec provide those critical amino acids to keep your body functioning at its best!


If you're wanting to perform at your highest level, you need VISI, MODEXUS and/or IMMUNOTEC!  VISI's AC2 Technology Hydrolyzed Collagen products are the NATURAL choice for athletes of all levels, promoting joint health, lean muscle growth and injury prevention with each scientifically developed clean formula.  With the addition of IMMUNOTEC's Immunocal Platinum, VISI's Immuniti or MODEXUS' Lonicera Longevity - you're taking it to a whole new level!  Elite Level Performance, Muscle Recovery, Injury Recovery and the ability to proactively protect your athlete and help minimize the damage sustained from an impact injury, as well as significantly improve post-impact injury healing, including additional healthy and effective pain management from MODEXUS' Relieve Au.   From pre-workout energy to post-workout recovery - and every rep, squat, mile, lap, game, set or match in between - VISI, MODEXUS and/or IMMUNOTEC provide exactly what your need for optimal performance.



Forget the hype...the fads...the chemicals....the pseudo-foods.  Integrative Health Professionals know diets DO NOT work.  Nutrition is a vital component for healthy weight loss - it isn't just calories in vs. calories out!  Converting to a healthy lifestyle remove the need to diet - as the body heals, the excess weight disappears.  VISI, MODEXUS and IMMUNOTEC have whole-food nutrition to support every healthy eating plan.  We offer products to make it easier to make good choices, without hunger or hassles - and with no blood sugar spikes or crashes.  MODEXUS also has a complete female hormonal balancing product called RHYTHM, which addresses the female hormone issues from teen to post-menopausal!  Balanced hormones are essential to maintaining a healthy weight!  



VISI, MODEXUS and IMMUNOTEC's unique line of products can be used individually or together to support YOUR INDIVIDUAL NEED!  These companies' missions are for everyone to lead their healthiest and most active lives; therefore, their products were specifically created with that concept in mind. VISI, MODEXUS and IMMUNOTEC products support optimal gut health - which is key to every aspect of your health.  They are formulated without harmful ingredients found in other product brands.