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Renew, Revitalize, and Revive your Brain

The activated ketones that suppress the appetite and convert unneeded fat into much-needed energy (the same activated ketones that support ketogenesis) also support the energy of the brain. The ketones renew + revitalize + revive brain cells. They use to say that once a brain cell is dead, it is always dead, but now we know the “tropic” effect of the ketones has a strong affinity for reviving the cells to a state of better-than-new.

The powerful blend of exogenous BHB ketones (in the form of beta-hydroxy-butyrate salts) and the power of the Scandinavian berries (cloudberry and lingonberry) deliver the nootropic magic quickly. This delicious and easy-dosed powdered drink mix is intended to support healthy cognitive function + sharp focus + mental acuity. It is a fast-acting + readily available + carbohydrate-free fuel source for the brain as well as the muscles. By yielding immediate and sustained energy fuel, you can notice the difference in sharper thinking + improved memory + increased mental alertness + enhanced concentration + clearer thinking. That’s what a true nootropic is all about. As you feel better and more invigorated, you’ll be delighted to be able to feel these benefits without any negative side effects!

Let TrúKETO help bring back clarity and mental vigor, even if aging is trying to take you down. This is a true anti-aging phenomenon. The activated ketones will also provide neurological protection. It’s great for students of any age. Any student can be a better student when using activated ketones. Yes, you can even expect good results in those with A.D.D. and A.D.H.D.

For the scientific minded or the medical savvy, the nootropic benefits come as the body uses ketones to generate energy. The brain uses the ketone bodies efficiently as energy substrates. Neurons can use these energy substrates like the perfect piece of a jigsaw puzzle. They are a bio-identical match. The efficiency by which ATP (energy molecules) can be generated using ketones versus glucose is much greater (by as much as 38% greater). The cells can utilize the ketones for energy, independent of insulin. In fact, dementia and other cognitive disorders are shown in research to be associated with impaired glucose metabolism, especially in diabetics. Since the ketones do not depend on insulin signaling for absorption into the brain cells, these molecules enter the cells very quickly and make the brain very spiffy. The immediate increase in serum BHB (beta-hydroxy-butyrate) generally occurs within 15 minutes. That’s how fast the alertness and focus can begin and this heightened mental state can survive for an hour or two. That’s why I like to swallow half my bottle of TrúKETO at first and then sip the rest of the bottle over the course of the day. It keeps me thinking smart all day long, and it is perfectly safe to use multiple daily doses of TrúKETO.

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