• By Visi Global Oct 2018

Did You Know? Game Changer and Mikla Takes On Sunshine

Vísi’s innovation in skin care has put Míkla on the cutting edge of the beauty industry with formulations that perform. Míkla is a non-toxic beauty product that is an effective topical skin nutrition. The only side effect of a beauty product should be beauty and an even skin tone; which makes everyone feel more beautiful. Two key ingredients that help to reduce redness and fade sun spots are oat complex and soybean extract.

Oat Complex – provides superior calming and soothing of skin, can reduce irritations such as redness, itching, and inflammation.

Soybean Extract – supports reversal/repair of UV sun damage.

The SymVital® AgeRepair nutritional base in the Míkla Rejuvenating Cream has been clinically studied to improve skin hydration and increase softness and elasticity, which is what the sunshine takes out of the skin. Not only does Míkla provide nutrients for healthy skin, but it also protects from free radicals caused by stress, smoking, environmental pollution, and too much sunshine. Mikla helps restore the proper functioning and renewal of dry skin, sun-spotted skin, and hyperpigmented skin. Míkla provides a total antioxidative enhancement due to the presence of Vitamins E and C, carotenoids, and enzymes such as superoxide dismutase. The power from the berries and the ginger structurally improve healthy inflammation response, skin sensitivity, and skin regeneration.

As skin perfection is reached with the regular use of Míkla, an even skin tone becomes most apparent. Not only does the sun accelerate the appearance of wrinkles, but also a lack of skin hydration will promote sagging and dull skin. Míkla balances the skin tone and even things out, which is called radiance. Pollution dulls the skin and Míkla gives the skin luminosity; this is the magic of the Arctic Cloudberry and SymVital® AgeRepair.

Because people are soaking up the sun every day, they need Míkla to help repair sun damage. The best ally of your skin to significantly beautify the tone and texture is Míkla. Let those stem cells bring back the vitality and reduce the presence of age spots and sunspots.

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