• By Visi Global June 2018

Why You Need Collagen Protein

Collagen is a protein that is essential for health and well-being in its makeup. We now know that collagen is the most important protein in the human body, supporting our tissues and organs and allowing them to perform their vital functions.

We need collagen for support, insulation, protection, and movement. Collagen is instrumental in a series of reactions that help prevent wrinkles, muscle soreness, joint and muscular stiffness, slower healing of wounds, lack of body tone, and achy back, hips, and knees. Even the blood vessels are heavily collagen-dependent for steady blood flow. Collagen keeps the body glued together and gives the tissues and organs of the body the necessities of hydration, endurance, pliability, and flexibility. In reality, collagen is needed for quality of life.

Does your skin split open with the slightest bump? Are your tendons in your feet and elbows a nuisance? Are your ligaments and joints inflamed continuously? Do you have muscle cramps and back pain? Is your hair lacking vitality and becoming to limp? Surely the aches and pains are significant symptoms of a lack of collagen, and they all increase with aging. When there is a lack of collagen in the body, everything is affected.

Not only are the fundamental amino acids found in Vísi’s hydrolyzed collagen, but these amino acids are in the perfect amounts needed to make the best quality of structure occur. They are necessary for the detoxification of poisons and boosting the immune response necessary for fighting illnesses. Once the body incurs horrendous stress due to injuries or degenerative problems related to aging, it requires even more amino acid pampering to rectify the mess. Muscle strength depends on muscular tissue, and the faster you put collagen into your system, the quicker your body can slow down the degenerating processes.

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