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Energi and the Athlete

Vibrant natural energy is truly a wonderful feeling that too few people experience on a consistent basis. Actually, the most common complaint that doctors hear of why people don’t exercise is – “I’m too tired”, or “I’m exhausted”, or “I’m always fatigued.”

People who don’t go to the gym or don’t care to exercise are those with no energy. The reason they don’t get motivated is because they already feel tired and worn out. Just being frazzled and exhausted causes a lot of lost opportunities to pass on by. When you have no energy to spare, you just can’t get up and go.

Adding Energí to your exercise regimen helps the blood sugars to work in your behalf, and will provide the extra nutrients your body needs. We don’t want your body borrowing energy from elsewhere – such as the brain, heart or muscles – we want our body to produce new energy through your own energy factories. That’s the essence of Energí by Vísi. Energí can double your energy in an instant without leaving you nervous, irritable or jittery. Using energy with physical exercise tells your body to build up more energy for what’s coming next. Energí supplies all the necessary nutrients for recharging your batteries. People who exercise regularly tend to have more energy than those who do not. Go ahead and energize your body with Energí and you’ll feel like going to the gym.

Energy is a priceless commodity. Not only do all our body’s complex systems require energy to function, even our thoughts and feelings are attached to the energy cycle. Because we live in a world that saps our energy via stress, worry and an abundance of toxins and contaminants, too many people are under the heavy burden of exhaustion.

Viva La Energí! It’s definitely the nutrition of choice for a quick energy burst and sustained pep and vitality all day. With Energí you’ll find your workouts, or even a little walk around the block will be easier and more efficient. Energí provides your body with the synergistic blend of nutrients, including Cloudberry, to make more energy.

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