• Kim Hayes

Probita - Part 3 - Superior Injury Healing

Three and a half years ago, the combination of Probita and the powdered version of Visi's hydrolyzed collagen protein, Nufinna, totally transformed my knee health. I had been diagnosed with bone on bone knees with arthritis - not exactly what any 48 year old wants to hear from their orthopedic doctor. I went from relying on Advil to cope with pain on a scale of 9/10 to ZERO knee pain in less than 2 months! I was over the top thrilled by my experience.

From there, I discovered how well it helps heal injuries. It is also amazing for surgery recovery - my surgical customers have reported less post-surgical pain - compared to other surgeries they've experienced (resulting in less pain medication), less swelling and less scar tissue buildup in addition to recovering quicker than the timeline their doctor's had predicted. I cannot say enough about the benefits this little chew provides.

My friend, Darrin, recovered from a shoulder injury with the use of Probita. He severely injured his shoulder while lifting weights. His injuries required reconstructive surgery, which his doctor told him flat out - he would never be able to lift weight, let alone pursue his dream of competitive bodybuilding. Probita was new to the market and a friend suggest Darrin give it a try during his post-surgical recovery. Darrin not only fully recovered, he regained the ability to return to lifting. Later, at the age of 48, he began pursuing his dream of earning his bodybuilding Pro Card, which not only did he achieve, but went on to win the Western Canadian Natural Bodybuilding Championship at his weight class - he also won overall Best Poser. Darrin fully credits Probita for giving him the opportunity to recover and fully realize his dream.

Visi's AC2 Technology utilizing Hydrolyzed Collagen Protein is unique. All of Visi's products begin with a solid nutritional foundation - Arctic Cloudberry, which is antioxidant rich, boasts high levels of vitamins A, C, E and B, as well as calcium and magnesium, plus the Lingonberry, which contains many beneficial vitamins/minerals, as well as essential omega's. The combination provides 500 nutritional components for the body in and of themselves! Both provide important phytonutrients, which allow nutrition to be absorbed and utilized by the body.

Probita contains 20 amino acids, which our bodies utilize to make over 70 proteins specific to each individual. Probita contains Collagen Types I - V amino acids. Our muscle, bone, cartilage, tendons, and ligaments are collagen based, thus why Probita is so effective with injury healing. Probita provides the amino acids the body uses to heal and regenerate injured tissues throughout the body, so those normally difficult to heal injuries involving ligaments, tendons, cartilage, are now capable of healing a lot faster with the addition of Probita's bio-identical hydrolyzed collagen protein.

Probita's formula makes it convenient to have a highly nutritional protein source available whenever you need it. Instead of reaching for a candy bar or some other junk food, a couple of Probita can not only provide the amino acids your body needs, but will also satisfy your hunger/craving for a snack. Used after a workout provides great muscle recovery and minimizes post-workout soreness.

Visi definitely developed a product that is outside of the box when it comes to what most people think about protein and what it can do. Ours supports healthy joints, lean muscle mass, optimal health for our organs/cardiovascular system and brain, as well as is there to provide optimal healing when injuries occur or surgery is required. No other protein compares.


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