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Probita - Part 2

As I stated in yesterday's article, amino acids are very important for our health. Probita's 20 bio-identical amino acids are absorbed by the body and converted into 70 unique proteins specific to each person's individual need. How crazy amazing is that? With Probita, you are providing complete support for every function and process of your body!

One of the great benefits of Probita is everyone, including children can take it. It contains Lysine, an antiviral amino acid, which is essential for building antibodies and strengthening the immune system in order to help protect against viruses children are often exposed to.

Another important amino acid is Glycine. Glycine is the richest amino acid in our body and used in every process, therefore 33% of Probita's amino acids are Glycine. 30% of our body's collagen is made from Glycine. It is essential for keeping our organ tissues and systems healthy. Glycine is also responsible for our being alert, as well as for maintaining calmness. It is also known as the memory amino acid, thus very important for our brain. Glycine is necessary for the production of serotonin, the "happiness hormone" known to be essential for sleep, along with tryptophan, which also found in Probita. Glycine is also the recovery mechanism for Glutathione, which is our body's Master Antioxidant and key to immune health.

Another important amino acid is Proline, which comprises 22% of Probita. Proline is the repairing amino acid. Our organs and systems are in a continual state of repair/regenerating process - skin, the intestinal tract, eyes and 70,000 miles of our cardiovascular system are all supported by Proline. Proline keeps them strong and stable. An important clinical fact to be aware of is Proline removes plaque from the arteries!

Probita contains L Glutamine, which is known as the deliverer amino acid. L Glutamine is the food for our digestive system bacteria and flora - therefore it is essential for gut and colon health. It supports liver health - detoxifies the liver while it works to flush toxins from our bodies. L Glutamine is essential for muscle mass and spleen health.

Another 20% of Probita comes from Arginine, which is critical for optimal heart health/function. Nitric oxide enables amino acids to be converted into proteins. Arginine is responsible for our bodies ability to naturally make nitric oxide. Arginine stabilizes the cardiovascular system's platelets. It also ensures the blood is able to return to the heart instead of pooling in our lower extremities.

Two other important amino acids, Fennel Alanine and Methionine, are also found in Probita. Fennel Alanine stimulates our endorphins, so it is a natural pain reducer. Methionine plays a critical role in our bodies' metabolisms. For women, it is especially essential, as it prevents estrogen from converting into the dangerous form that can lead to cancer.

Studies have shown that 2.5 grams of hydrolyzed collagen protein amino acids can activate our bodies' ability to make protein. Each Probita contains 4 grams of hydrolyzed collagen protein amino acids, just under twice the amount needed to activate the protein production process.

Stay tuned to learn how Probita supports orthopedic health and is able to heal injuries and help people recover from surgeries faster!

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