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Probita - Power Packed Total Body Anti-Aging and Superior Healing Supplement Part I

Visi's Probita is unlike any other protein supplement available on the market. Many customers have asked me what makes Probita so special - and I am more than happy to share why this product is amazing.

Our bodies are made up of 35% collagen based proteins. Besides your bones, skin, all organs, including the brain, ligaments, tendons, cartilage, cardiovascular system, digestive system and more are comprised of collagen. These important organs and tissues need a continual supply of collagen to remain healthy and function optimally. A remaining percentage of our body is mainly comprised of water, thus why it is so important to drink water to stay hydrated.

Our bodies produce collagen, but as we age, the production tapers off and the result is we can't keep up with the collagen needs required for our bodies to stay healthy. As the collagen production goes down, we start experiencing the negative effects of not having enough collagen - muscle atrophy, joint pain, cardiovascular issues, eyesight deterioration, heart issues, brain function decline, digestion related issues and more can be attributed to lack of needed collagen.

Amino acids are key to health. Visi's Probita has 20 bio-identical amino acids the body uses to make 70 proteins specific to each person's need. Visi specifically created Probita to support our bodies' vital collagen based tissues. Yes, it's nice to find a product to reduce joint related issues or provide the ability to heal faster from an injury, but having a product that supports critical health related needs, such as heart and cardiovascular health is truly amazing!

I'll be breaking down why Probita is truly one of a kind in my next post.

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