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TruKeto - The New Standard for Fat Loss

Have you or anyone you know struggled with losing weight? How many diets have failed or how many times have you lost the weight with a restrictive diet, only to regain it plus an additional 10 lbs?

With the launch of Visi's TruKeto, that struggle is going to be a thing of the past. TruKeto is a revolutionary breakthrough fat-burning product that signals the body to not only release stored energy (FAT) but to utilize that FAT as a very healthy fuel source for the body. It is NOT A DIET!!! Repeating: IT IS NOT A DIET!!!!

So, what exactly is TruKeto? "TruKeto is a clinically proven, patent pending formula, which includes a new ketogenic technology to help you reduce our appetite and covert stored body fat into energy. Its method of energy use is one of the most efficient and effective ways to reduce body weight and preserve lean muscle mass!"

In addition to helping you regain a healthy lean body, it helps your sugar-burning body transform into a fat-burning machine. TruKeto helps achieve ketogenic diet benefits without strictly following ketogenic eating guidelines. One of its best attributes is how it provides mental clarity and improved focus due to the fact that your neurons are 38% more efficient when using fat as food vs. sugar. It provides a non-stimulant source of energy and endurance, no lactic acid build-up and fast recovery, which is especially beneficial for those who are athletes. With Visi's nutritional base of the Arctic Cloudberry and Lingonberry, vital phytonutrients that are a great source of fiber, and essential minerals and vitamins are included in each serving.

Does it actually work? Yes, TruKeto is backed by both human clinical testing and 50 lucky Visi Partners participated in pre-launch trials of the product. The outcome? Everyone in the trial lost body fat - regardless of age, background, health - it worked for everyone, including me! Since it is an all-natural formula with no artificial preservatives, additives, or harmful ingredients, it is safe for everyone, even kids! I love the fact that TruKeto will help families regain lean and healthy bodies!

TruKeto is a chocolate flavored powdered mix, you can mix with water or in your favorite non-sugary beverage, such as coffee. You take it on an empty stomach first thing when you get up in the morning. Athletes can take a second serving 20 min prior to a workout or competition to be powered by the 9 cal/gram fuel vs. the 4 cal for carbs/sugar. Twice the fueling power for your muscles = more power and endurance!

Say hello to NO STRESS FAT LOSS! TruKeto is truly amazing! I cannot wait to continue my own journey of regaining a lean and healthy body with TruKeto!

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