• Kim Hayes

Why Arctic White is Amazing!

Arctic White was launched September 22, 2017. The customer before and after pictures have been almost unbelievable, but believe me - the results have been real!

The key ingredient to this incredible product, which provided the amazing results pictured below is a breakthrough product called Nono Medical Hydroxyapatite, Hydroxyapatite is a natural based calcium compound that actually fills in micro-cracks and fractures while rebuilding/re mineralizing the tooth's enamel. It whitens significantly without stripping the enamel like most products on the market to, today.

Our customers have shared pictures that have already shown it not only significantly whitens, but it also removes plaque and tartar. As they see their dentists, there's no doubt in my mind that we will be getting a lot of confirmation of how their tooth health has improved!

Here's a link to read more about this amazing technology for tooth health: http://oralscience.com/en/ingredients/mhap/

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