• Kim Hayes

Arctic White - Magic in a Tube!

Arctic White toothpaste was launched at Elevate in September. The amazing feedback from both Visi partners and customers using the product has confirmed Arctic White rocks!

I'll admit, I wasn't that impressed Visi was going to venture into the toothpaste arena. I've tried various products to try to whiten my teeth to no avail. I've tried almost every product that eliminates plaque and tartar, but still endured long cleaning sessions at the dentist. To say I have been frustrated is an understatement.

When Arctic White was introduced, a few of the partners testing Arctic White shared their opinions of how it was working for them. Noticeably whiter teeth stood out as a significant benefit. They said after one use their teeth felt like they had just had a professional cleaning. We were told about the key ingredient, Hydroxyapatite's, many benefits, such as being a natural source of calcium, that it strengthens and rebuilds tooth enamel, how it fills micro-cracks and scratches, helps prevent tooth enamel erosion, how it is non-toxic and best of all, the results are backed by multiple clinical studies.

It did not take me long to become a huge fan of Arctic White. My personal results have exceeded my wildest expectations! My teeth are whiter than they have ever been! The tarter and plaque issues have been resolved - NONE visible! When I floss, there's not much to rinse off because the toothpaste has thoroughly cleaned my teeth. I love that it is toxic free, safe for everyone in my family, as well as will help improve the health of our teeth, which is so important.

If you haven't tried it, you should! There's nothing that compares with Arctic White.

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