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Visi has only reached the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the potential lives our products will help! With the addition of Immuniti featuring Formulation 200, that iceberg's size grew infinitely larger.

Glutathione is an amino acid complex responsible for over 250 processes in the body, so maintaining optimal glutathione levels is key to remaining healthy. Regardless of age, the glutathione levels each person has directly correlates with their level of health. Every case involving cancer, an autoimmune issue/disease, or brain health issue, such as Parkinson's, PTSD, ADD/ADHD, or Depression is a direct result of low glutathione levels. The lower the glutathione level is in the body, the sicker the individual.

Research into glutathione is ever growing. Scientists and researchers have published over 117,000 peer reviewed studies on the subject of glutathione and how it relates to various health issues/diseases/illnesses. Those studies have already directly linked over 100 health issues/diseases/illnesses to low glutathione levels. Due to all the knowledge gained through all those studies, glutathione has been given the nickname, "Master Antioxidant," due to its importance to health.

The fact scientists have been able to determine the root cause for 100+ health related issues is amazing and that number is only going to increase! The National Institute of Health has pledged $100 million in research over the next 5 years. UCLA, the NFL, as well as other researchers and agencies are funding research to study its benefits, all of which will lead to discovering additional health issues/diseases/illnesses that will benefit from the ability to optimize glutathione levels.

Formulation 200 is the most significant breakthrough for health, though the mainstream media has yet to report about it. It's discovery was the result of $65 million and 25 years of research by Dr. Albert Crum, a Harvard educated scientist/researcher, and his team. What makes it so amazing is it is an all natural occurring amino acid based complex, which is bioidentical to the human body, so there are no negatives - only positive benefits!. There are no known negative interactions with any medications, its ability to boost the immune system is unmatched, and best of all, no side effects. The body readily absorbs the formulation's amino acids, which allows for it to naturally produce glutathione intracellularly - so it is in each and every cell and involved in each and every process of the body!

Immuniti has a breakthrough nutrient mix, featuring the same recommended therapeutic dosage amount of Formulation 200, which is backed by human clinical testing proving its effectiveness. Dr. Crum, along with Visi's Science Advisory Board Member, Alan Ogden, who is also a pharmacist, researcher, and authority on glutathione, collaborated on Immuniti's formulation to provide an even better product for everyone. Imagine what your life could be like with your ability to optimize your glutathione levels, thus make a positive impact your health!

It's not hype, magic, or hocus pocus! It's science based naturally sustaining nutrition and it is AMAZING!

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