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Updated on Why Visi's Hydrolyzed Collagen Protein is Superior

Visi Science Advisory Board Member, Alan Ogden, often shares information about Visi's AC 2 Technology Hydrolyzed Collagen Protein. The hydrolyzed Collagen Types I - V amino acids combined with the Arctic Cloudberry and Lingonberry is different than other protein supplements - it is also SUPERIOR.

All of Visi's products begin with a solid nutritional foundation - Arctic Cloudberry, which is antioxidant rich, boasts high levels of vitamins A, C, E and B, as well as calcium and magnesium, plus the Lingonberry, which contains many beneficial vitamins/minerals, as well as essential omega's. The combination provides 500 nutritional components for the body in and of themselves! Both provide important phytonutrients, which allow nutrition to be absorbed and utilized by the body.

Visi's AC2 Technology utilizing Hydrolyzed Collagen Protein is unique. The two HCP products, Probita and Nuffina contain all 20 amino acids, which make over 70 proteins found in and utilized by the body including:

* Glycine (33%) which is used for every process in the body!

* Glycine is especially beneficial for our hemoglobin

* Glycine repairs neurotransmitters, thus making HCP perfect for issues involving blood or gut health

* Glycine repairs the digestive tract, so over time, actually helps healing. For someone having digestive/gut health issues, begin with very small amounts of HCP, then gradually add. If bloating or gassiness occurs, reduce the amount, then re-introduce increased amounts.

* Glycine is the rescue mechanism for our own glutathione – it regenerates and restores the used glutathione, so it is even more optimized – thus improves its ability to work inside our bodies and restore optimal function

* Proline (20 %) which is essential to the development and maintenance of healthy skin and connective tissues, especially at the site of traumatic tissue injury.

* Reduces the MTOR Pathway

The MTOR Pathway is largely responsible for the development of cancer

* L-Arginine (25%) which is the cardiovascular protein - responsible for relaxing the cardiovascular muscles, which allows for increased blood flow. It also is responsible for creating Nitrous Oxide, which creates a sustained energy source for the body.

* Rich in glutamate

* Contains Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCCA's), though at a lower amount than Whey protein

Other protein facts:

Fish collagen is not bio-identical to human collagen.

Chicken collagen – made from chicken skeletons boiled in acid to extract the proline amino acids – which is good for the skin. The acid destroys the beneficial minerals found in the skeletons.

Whey Protein – the protein molecules are very large and not easily absorbed. It must go through the stomach/intestinal tract in order to be broken down and then, only has a 54% absorption rate.

Whey protein stimulates both insulin and cortisol levels in the body. Whey protein is high in leucine. Leucine is responsible for regulating the body's insulin levels. The higher the level of leucine, the higher the insulin levels in the blood become. The higher the insulin levels in the blood, the higher the cortisol levels in the blood become.

Vegan proteins are identical to whey in that they have high levels of leucine, which trigger high insulin and high cortisol levels.

Because the Visi's AC2 Hydrolyzed Collagen Protein formula is bio identical to our body's natural collagen protein amino acids, it is absorbed through the tissues without having to go through the digestive tract to be broken down in order for the body to be able to use it. This enables Visi's HCP to be immediately absorbed and utilized by the body. With the convenience of Probita, it can be taken whenever - even during a competition/workout to immediately provide the body with a quality source of protein. No reported drug interactions or adverse effects – due to the fact it is bioidentical and naturally occurring in the body.

So whether you are looking to build muscle, you want to recover quicker after a workout, heal quicker from an injury or from a surgery, or you are just wanting a quality protein source for better health, Visi's HCP has the essential amino acids your body needs!

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