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BRAIN HEALTH: Football Players, Parents, and Coaches - This Article is for You!

There's been a lot of articles regarding retired professional football players and their struggles with the long term negative impact of concussions they encountered while playing, including the development of Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy - better known as CTE. I wanted to address this important topic here.

I really had no clue the damage concussions can cause until my son, Kenton, suffered from a helmet to helmet hit when he was the quarterback playing his 8th grade JFL season. I wasn't at the game when it occurred, as I was attending my daughter's Senior season volleyball game.

According to Kenton, the ball was hiked over his head. He fell on top of the ball to prevent the other team from recovering it and received a head to head hit from an opposing player. Since it occurred when he was down on the ground, the head to head blow was missed by the coaches and officials. Kenton didn't tell the coaches or me that he received a helmet to helmet blow to the head. He later told me how sore he was from being tackled numerous times during the game, but that was the extent of his conversation about the game.

The following day, he vomited, which I didn't think anything about, as his sister had had the stomach flu a few days prior, so I thought he, too, had come down with it. He later texted me to let me know he was "seeing double." That concerned me, but since he had just woken up, I thought maybe he just wasn't fully awake and told him if it continued to let me know. He texted me about an hour and a half later to let me know he was still "seeing double," which I immediately contacted his pediatrician's office and was advised to get him to the ER. I called my ER doctor friend, who, luckily for me, was working, and waiting for us when we arrived at the hospital. Kenton's symptoms were consistent with his having suffered a concussion. He suffered from headaches, sensitivity to light, could not concentrate (though he had never had that issue before), and pretty much felt terrible. He was told to rest, not do any physical activity, not play video games, so his brain could rest and heal.

Kenton was referred to the Orthopedic Concussion Specialist for follow up and at his 1 month post-concussion appointment, completed the post-concussion testing. After being examined and reviewing the results of his test, the doctor was going to release him, as he said everything looked fine physically, and he had scored 70 on the cognitive test. I stopped him to ask him to clarify what he meant by 70 cognitive test - which the doctor said Kenton was testing out at the 70th percentile in his cognitive functioning. I told the doctor that Kenton was in the 90th percentile normally, so this concerned me. It concerned the doctor, too, who advised if Kenton was normally in the 90th percentile, then his brain had not fully healed. The doctor then began asking Kenton specific questions about the injury - which was when Kenton told us specifics about the injury, including the fact he had suffered a direct helmet to helmet hit.

It took Kenton another month and a half to test back at his normal cognitive level and be cleared to play basketball. Though I knew he had suffered something serious, I did not know the long term damage a concussion could cause, especially if repeated.

Fast forward - after becoming a partner with Visi and immersing myself into learning more about health/wellness - especially in matters concerning athletes, police, and first responders, I read a lot about concussions and the long term negative effects that can result. Unfortunately, the tragic stories about NFL player suicides as a result of CTE were also becoming even more common. Even more unfortunate was the fact that CTE is diagnosed post-mortem. Granted, a lot of those players did not have the benefits of the better equipment and concussion protocols that are standard and are constantly being improved upon nowadays, but the fact is, even with those advantages, concussions can still cause negative acute cognitive and long term health issues for those suffering them.

Thankfully, Visi can help support the cognitive health of athletes and it is available for every family!

Immuniti is our newest product containing the patented Arctic Immunity Blend (AI Blend) of essential vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, as well as a scientific breakthrough glutathione precursor formula clinically proven to kick start the body's natural production of glutathione at the cellular level - which is the most effective immune system and function boost! The patented glutathione precursor formula used in Visi's AI Blend has been approved for testing by the NFL Player's Association for it's brain supporting benefits! This will be a significant health benefit to all those players!

Studies are very promising about the benefits of glutathione regarding concussions. Two promising benefits have indicated glutathione helps combat and reduce the oxidative stress damage that occurs during a concussion, as well as a study indicated when glutathione was applied immediately post-concussion, it significantly minimized the brain cell death. Both oxidative stress damage and brain cell death can diminish cognitive function both short and long term, some of which are not realized until years later. With Immuniti, you can raise the body's glutathione levels at the cellular level, so its there to not only strengthen the immune system, but its present to protect when the body is injured, as well.

Visi's Hydrolyzed Collagen products, Nuffina and/or Probita, provide another important component for brain health, in addition to its other benefits. They both provide essential collagen based amino acids, which are naturally used by the body to heal and regenerate the same types of collagen based tissues. Visi's contains Collagen Types I - V, of which bones, cartilage, ligaments, tendons, skin, all major organs, including the eyes and brain, the cardiovascular system and more are comprised. So, adding either to an athlete's diet will help the body and its ability to protect and heal from the inside.

The two types of products also work synergistically, each making the other even better and more effective than it already is on its own. So, the good news is - you can do more to protect your athlete's current and future health. Visi's products contain no artificial ingredients, colorings or sweeteners, are certified clean by both the NSF and BSCG, so you can be assured what you're providing your athlete is safe! Nutrition is key in keeping your athlete healthy and safe! Visi provides the building blocks for your body to work efficiently, including its ability to protect and heal.

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