• Kim Hayes

Immuniti - This is HUGE!!!!

Wow! Tuesday Night, May 30, 2017, Visi introduced its latest and most innovative and health promoting product called Immuniti! I cannot tell you how excited I am for this to finally be unveiled. I will be sharing a lot of information about the various diseases/illnesses/health related issues that have already been are directly related to low glutathione levels. The potential good Immuniti will provide is endless - very bold statement to make, but it is the truth. This product will be the answer to many prayers! Combined with Visi's AC2 Technology will provide even more benefits due to the synergistic effect, which enhances each product's benefits!

Click this link for additional information about Immuniti -


Visi is offering packs at a savings - one box is $59.99, but 2 boxes are available for $99.99! You can get additional savings with the 6 pack for $274.99 or $45.83/box!

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