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The Health Industry as we know it, just got ROCKED!

On April 22, 2017, Visi's Medical Advisory Board Member, Alan Ogden, had both the pleasure and privilege to announce Visi's partnership with Dr. Albert Crum to develop a new product featuring Dr. Crum's ProImmune 200. After 25 years of research and $65 million invested, Dr. Crum discovered the precise formulation of glutathione precursors that allows the body to naturally make glutathione at the cellular level.

This formulation is the single biggest scientific breakthrough in the area of glutathione research. In the 129 years the importance of glutathione has been realized, scientists worldwide have been studying this amazing tri-peptide amino acid. The benefits of glutathione are well established by the more than 117,000 peer reviewed published studies. Currently, almost 100 diseases and illnesses have been directly linked to low glutathione levels in the body. Scientists and researchers have known if an effective oral form of glutathione were to be created, the positive impact it would have on health would be phenomenal.

Glutathione is the body's Master Anti-Oxidant, which helps combat oxidative stress at the cellular level. Glutathione is needed to help rid the body of toxins, metals, and other dangerous substances. Glutathione supports optimal immune health, and by doing so, also optimizes each function of the body. Brain health, cardiovascular health, lung health, liver health, kidney health, eye health, and even athletic performance, are all optimized and protected by proper glutathione levels.

Imagine what it is going to be like to be able to regain your health without utilizing the drugs with all the harmful side-effects! Imagine what it is going to be like to feel really good again! Imagine what it is going to be like to be able to do whatever you choose to because you have your health back!

This breakthrough is amazing and even more amazing is Visi will be able to help bring it to you!

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