• Kim Hayes

Meet Dr. Albert Crum - Formulator of ProImmune 200

My friend, Alan Ogden, who is also an authority on Glutathione, along with his partner, Harmony Woodington, of The Glutathione Authority, created this video to introduce everyone to Dr. Alabert Crum, the formulator of ProImmune 200.

ProImmune 200 is the most significant advancement in health, as it is the first product created that gives the body the ability to create glutathione at the cellular level. 25 years of research and $65 million invested in developing this break through oral glutathione formula.

Visi has the privilege to have beaten out numerous other companies for the opportunity to develop a new product which will include ProImmune 200 - Immuniti! Its a win win situation for both Visi and Dr. Crum! I want to personally thank Alan Odgen for his relentless pursuit of obtaining this superior gluathione supplement for the Visi product line. More to come!

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