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Police Officer PTSD

Having been a Law Enforcement Professional for just under 26 years, the subject of Police Officer PTSD is an important one. When I entered the Illinois State Police Academy in 1987, I really had no idea how the job could negatively impact one's health - especially the stress. The physical demands of my job and the stresses encountered changed so much over the years. When you're young and entering the profession, you really have no idea the physical and mental toll the job will take on you.

I am very thankful I did not develop or suffer from PTSD as a result of the job, though I cannot say the same for some of my law enforcement colleagues and friends. Years ago, PTSD largely went unaddressed and it wasn't something anyone admitted to having or spoke about openly. When it did get recognized as something Police Officers might suffer from, it was also thought to only occur when an officer was involved in a horrific incident.

Police Officer PTSD is now recognized as occurring due to cumulative stress an officer (or any other first line first responder) encountered on the job. The following article titled: Police Officers Face Cumulative PTSD, authored by Michelle L. Beshears and published by Law Officer - Tactics - Technology - Training on February 11, 2017, discusses this important subject.

Recognizing that PTSD can be present without an officer having gone through a significant horrific incident is the first step to helping someone who is suffering, heal. Police suicides are at an all time high and it is my personal belief that there's now something very effective to help reduce those numbers, which is the availability of effective oral glutathione supplements.

Glutathione is a naturally occurring amino acid and is considered the key for immune health. Glutathione is critical for combatting oxidative stress, optimizing and maintaining brain health, cardiovascular health, liver health, kidney health, in essence, it plays a critical role for all the components for optimal health. It has been the subject of over 117,000 studies and at this time, low glutathione levels in the body has been linked to 98 diseases/illnesses. PTSD is one of the illnesses linked to low glutathione levels.

Now that there are two effective oral forms available means countless officers, military personnel, first responders, and anyone else who is suffering from a low glutathione level illiness, along with their families can be helped! Because of its effectiveness, oral glutathione supplementation is going to be playing a huge role in overcoming and/or preventing PTSD.

Visi's Vara has the therapeutic dosage of Setria Glutathione proven effective in raising the glutathione levels in the body, of which the results are backed by the results of two human clinical trials. Vara also has additional essential vitamins and minerals the body needs for optimal health.

Since glutathione is a naturally occurring amino acid, there are no negative side effects. The body's immune system and vital functions will be boosted by the additional glutathione supplementation, which results in the body's ability to heal and protect - which includes brain health. Other brain related illnesses have been directly attributed to low glutathione levels, so PTSD is not the only issue that glutathione supplementation has positively impacted. Visi's Vara is safe and effective for all ages

I am so excited that Visi has chosen to continually be innovative in developing products that really make a difference. As a retired law enforcement professional, the ability to share life changing/life saving products is so fulfilling. I love being able to provide hope to those who have served.

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