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Visi's HCP vs. High Intensity Laser Treatments

I've seen a few commercials and newspaper advertisements lately about the benefits of High-Intensity Laser Treatments for helping athletes overcome injuries faster. I wanted to research to learn more about HILT. I also wanted to compare HILT's pros and cons to Visi's.

Since partnering with Visi, not only has my knee health/overall health and abilities drastically improved, athletes and customers have overcome injuries/surgeries quicker when using Visi's Hydrolyzed Collagen Protein products. Part of the role I've taken is providing information, so the person can make a good decision based on their need - and that often includes providing information that may not be Visi related, but could be beneficial for them.

I searched the web and found the following site : Diolase

According to the Diolase site's Frequently Asked Questions, "Laser Therapy is ideal for patients who have not responded to standard medical treatments for pain." They also say the number of treatments depends on the diagnosis, but "most minor conditions take between 6 and 8 treatments." It also states: "The Diolase 10 has been shown to be effective for chronic and acute musculoskeletal conditions including back and neck pain, injuries from accidents, and athletic injuries to muscles and joints, through temporary:• Relaxation of muscles • Relaxation of muscle spasm • Relief of minor muscle pain • Relief of joint stiffness • Relief of minor arthritis pain • Relief of minor sprains & strains • Relief of minor muscular back pain • Increase in local blood circulation"

According to another source: Dr. Whitaker, America's Most Trusted Wellness Doctor

"High-intensity laser therapy delivers very high-energy wavelengths of light that penetrate deep into the skin and tissues to reach the injured cells. As the damaged cells absorb this light, their metabolism and energy production is boosted, stimulating rapid tissue repair. High–intensity laser treatments also have “photochemical” effects that trigger the lymphatic system and substantially reduce swelling, inflammation, and pain. The high intensity of this laser also slightly (yet comfortably) raises the temperature of deep tissues, which increases microcirculation. As a result, tissues receive much-needed oxygen and nutrients that facilitate healing." He also states, "High-intensity laser produces a particular wavelength of light that penetrates deep into affected tissues, where it increases blood flow, boosts cellular metabolism, reduces inflammation, and has an analgesic effect on nerve endings, which alleviates pain."

From what I've been able to find, a typical HILT session lasts 20 minutes. The costs vary between practitioners, but the average cost of a session is $80.

The picture below is a newspaper advertisement from our local paper in Springfield, Illinois. It touts the "Breakthrough" Laster Knee Pain Treatment. No pricing is quoted, but the evaluation, alone costs $35.

The ad does not provide the brand of HILT laser this particular practitioner utilizes for his patients.

From what I've read, the pros to using HILT are:

1) HILT will stimulate the body's lymphatic system to help decrease the swelling, thus reduce the pain.

2) HILT has been found to help those who did not respond to other pain treatments, though they do not list what those might have been.

3) HILT increases microcirculation, which provides the body with needed oxygen to facilitate healing.

These are all good benefits, but when it also says minor injuries take between 6 and 8 sessions at an average of $80 per session, it gets very expensive and it is not covered by any health insurance plans.

The cons that come to mind would be:

1) Price - at $80 per session, it can quickly add up.

2) Only providing temporary relief will also mean additional costs to maintain the relief.

3) HILT sessions are broken into single targeted areas, so I'll go out on a limb and predict when two targeted areas are needing addressed, each is a separate session, which again, would be twice the price and quickly add up to a big expense.

4) HILT's narrow targeted area would limit the effectiveness and/or relief it is able to provide.

The following are some of the many pros of the Visi AC2 Technology's Hydrolyzed Collagen products:

1) Visi's HCP is the highest bio-available protein on the market - which means it mirrors the collagen our body naturally produces, so our body is able to absorb and utilize it to naturally regenerate collagen based tissues.

2) Visi's HCP contains Collagen Types I - V, so the body is able to naturally regenerate/heal 5 collagen types, verses a single targeted area. Collagen Type II is the main collagen type found in the body. The following tissues are mainly comprised of Collagen Types I, II, III, IV and V - ligaments, tendons, bone, skin, all major organs, the cardiovascular system, eyes, hair, nails, and more.

3) Providing the body with the Visi HCP allows it to work efficiently and address the body's needs. The body is able to regenerate and heal collagen based tissues efficiently, thus allowing the body to heal faster.

Since partnering with Visi, I've been very fortunate to learn about the science behind the AC2 Technology, which makes the products so effective. This has allowed me to confidently recommend the products to my friends, family, and customers.

Our bodies are engineered to regenerate and heal, even in the event of injury. Problems develop when our body does not have enough collagen to address the particular need(s). Normal aging related wear and tear can develop into chronic and painful issues. Injuries require more of the body's available collagen to heal, which in turn, depletes the body's natural supply. The body will rob "Peter" of its collagen to pay "Paul" in order to provide the limited amount of collagen to the area of greatest need. This is a reason why arthritis often develops in the body's extremities. The body will pull from the areas of least importance to provide the collagen to the areas of most importance - your organs.

Visi's HCP provides the body with an additional source of healthy bio-identical collagen to support each individual need(s): The natural aging process, suffering an injury, or having to undergo surgery - Visi's HCP will provide the optimal collagen support.

What I really love about Visi's entire product line is the fact the products are clean, all natural nutritional supplements to support whatever need someone might have. There are no known drug interactions. They pair perfectly with healing protocols - whether someone is injured and on a RICE protocol or undergoing rehab/physical therapy, the products support the body's ability to recover. If undergoing surgery, they help with post-operative healing and recovery. They truly are amazing!

The only negative or con I can come up with is the price. At face value, Visi's price when compared to whey or pea protein products is higher, which has been an issue for some potential customers. Take into consideration that whey protein only absorbs at 53% verses Visi's 95%. Whey protein can cause stomach distress and it only addresses muscle. With Visi's HCP containing 5 different types of collagen, in my humble opinion, the multiple benefits and health value the Visi HCP products provide validates the cost difference.

I've personally experienced two major injuries, which took quite some time to recover. Neither was a positive experience! I also had the experience of being a parent of an injured daughter. It was very difficult watching what she had to endure when she suffered a severe knee dislocation...The injury not only included surgery and a difficult recovery/rehab to get back on the court, it also interfered with her collegiate recruiting opportunities. Its very frustrating to not be able to help your child when they experience a serious injury.

Once I partnered and started learning how amazing Visi's AC2 Technology was for post-injury/post-surgical healing, I wanted to spread the word, as I knew Visi would be able to help everyone's injury journey easier.

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