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Another Fave.

One of my best friends, Dora, and I aren't able to get together as much as we'd like - I'm sure many of you can relate - life gets busy!

We finally had an evening where we, along with another friend, Flora, could all get together for dinner. Dora came over early to see my house, as she hadn't been able to come see it after we built it and moved in.

I knew Dora's knees had been bothering her, so I had planned to share information about Visi with her, but I had no idea the extent of her pain. I'd been with Visi for a few months and had such a positive experience with how my knees had been helped, I definitely wanted to share the information with Dora. At that point in time, I didn't know the science behind why it helped my knees, but I knew it worked and I wanted Dora to be able to regain her knee health.

As I was showing her around the house, besides seeing her struggle navigating the stairs to our basement, evidence of the constant pain she was in was written all over her face.

Dora ordered Nuffina and starting using it as soon as it arrived. Within a couple of weeks, her knees no longer hurt. The janitor at her office even noticed she wasn't struggling when walking and she was able to forego the elevator and use the stairs whenever she chooses to.

She also uses Vara and Mikla skin care, which boosts both her immune system and keeps her looking young!

I love that Visi has given Dora the ability to not only enjoy life pain free, but enjoy better overall health! Dora (L), Me (C) and Flora (R) (There's never a dull moment when we three are together!)

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