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My Favorite Testimony

This is my absolute favorite Visi testimony, so I wanted to share more about it here.

As most of you know, I'm a retired Sergeant with the Illinois State Police. There are a few ISP groups on Facebook, where we can keep up with what's going on in the world and it was from a couple of those pages that I learned Trooper Guy Vancina from District 5 (Joliet area) had been critically injured off duty after his car was broadsided by a drunk driver on April 6, 2015. The posts asked for prayers, as Guy was critically injured. The injuries were so substantial the doctors did not know if he was going to survive the first 24 hours.

I knew who Guy was, but didn't personally know him, but that did not change the fact that my heart sank upon hearing about his accident and the injuries he received. Guy had suffered having his pelvis crushed, broken ribs, ruptured spleen and bruised internal organs, so he had a multiple serious issues to recover from. The doctors were concerned about possible unforeseen nerve damage issues developing due to the fractures and bruising.

I messaged Guy on the 9th to let him know I was praying for his full recovery. I knew he wouldn't personally be able to read the message, but when he would be able, he'd know he was in both my and many others' prayers. He responded back on the 13th, which let me know he was well enough to be checking Facebook Messenger :)

I told Guy I wanted to send him a bag of Nuffina to help his recovery. I sent him some information. About a month later, a Visi Partner shared how Visi's Hydrolyzed Collagen Protein had helped another car crash victim (occurred in 1994) finally recover from the lingering effects of those injuries - her 5th cervical vertebrae had been "powdered," requiring a bone fusion, along with accompanying nerve damage from which she was still suffering. She had a substantial hole in the back of her neck where they had fused bone to repair the damage. The doctors had told her if the pain hadn't resolved itself in 10 years, it never would. She was introduced to Visi and began taking the Probita (the chew version). She later added Nuffina from the Body Pack. She shared a picture of the same area - the scars were almost completely invisible, the area of her neck no longer had a gaping hole, and she was no longer in pain. When you looked at her neck, other than seeing the faded scar, you would never have realized the degree of damage that had previously been present.

I shared her story with Guy, who said he would said he was thankful I was thinking of him during such a difficult time during his recovery and he was definitely interested in receiving the Nuffina.

Guy started using the Nuffina on May 15, a little under a month and a half after he had been injured. On the 24th, he messaged me that he'd been using the Nuffina regularly and was feeling better and better. I was thrilled! We continued to keep in touch and he shared more about the extent of his injuries and recovery progression.

On June 2nd, Guy said his orthopedic doctor gave him permission to start walking. He'd had a weight bearing restriction due to all the fractures in his pelvic region, so he'd been confined to a wheelchair. He advised his pain was currently minimal and his back was a little stiff when walking, but he was feeling very good.

Guy continued therapy and I was shocked when he told me the doctors thought he'd be able to return to full duty by the end of July. From the extent of his injuries, I thought he'd be lucky to return to work before the New Year. He continued giving me updates on his progress, the increased strength, the ability to run again, his having no issues and the ultimate - his getting cleared to return to work with no restrictions. I had expected he would return to work on light duty for a period of time before resuming his duties of working the road, but he didn't need that interim light duty period.

I knew in my heart Nuffina would help Guy, but I had no clue to the extent - his recovery exceeded anything I had imagined. His being able to return to work on July 20, 2015, blew me away! I'm so thankful for Visi and I'm especially thankful it helped Guy's full recovery.

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