• Kim Hayes

AC2 Technology Power for my Workouts

For the past 12 weeks, I've been following a fitness plan with Jeremy Ferry at Pure Performance Fitness Center in Springfield, Illinois, which includes strength training, a healthier eating plan, as well as coaching calls and working out with others in a small group setting.

It has been such a positive experience! I've not only made a lot of progress on regaining my strength and overall fitness, which just enhances my overall health and wellness, but I've made a lot of new friends, who are super encouraging and make this journey all the more fun!

I'm very thankful that 2 1/2 years ago, a simple Facebook post led me to discover Visi, which gave me the ability to workout and live my life pain free without having to undergo knee surgery. It also created the opportunity for me to help others while opening the door for this particular journey to occur.

I'm 54, but I feel younger and stronger than I did in my mid-30's. Though I put my knees through some tough workouts, they remain pain free. I'm not dying afterwards, because Visi's hydrolyzed collagen protein rocks for muscle recovery and alleviating soreness. I'm not Super Woman by any means - but Visi is Super Amazing in the benefits its products provide.

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