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Quicker Post-Surgical Healing - Maddie's Story

I shared Maddie Brown's post-surgical recovery on my Testimonials page, but I wanted to share more information. Surgery is scary, so I love the fact that Visi's Nuffina and or Probita can help ease the post surgical recovery process, by how it helps the body heal quicker.

Maddie's mom, Deb, is one of my closest friends and also a Visi customer. When she mentioned Maddie would be undergoing bunion surgery in November, I was excited Maddie would benefit from the Visi's Hydrolyzed Collagen Protein and have an easier post-surgical recovery than what she had undergone having the same surgery on her left foot back in January 2012.

What I love about this story is Maddie had already been through this type surgery, so she knew what she experienced four years ago recovery-wise. She was in the perfect position to let me know if Visi's Chocolate Probita made any difference during her second post-surgery recovery period. The only difference between the two surgeries was the addition of Probita - same surgeon, same type surgery.

Maddie said she was pretty consistent on taking 2 Probita daily, which she started on about a week before the surgery. She wasn't thrilled with the flavor at first, but she learned to love them. The picture above was taken the day of her surgery this past November 2016.

The picture on the left is post-surgery with her hard cast. Maddie was out of her cast one week earlier than she was during her previous surgery.

The picture on the left is after the cast was taken off so the pins could be removed. Once the doctor said she no longer needed the support and protection of a cast, she was then given an orthopedic boot to wear. Maddie was out of her boot and allowed to wear tennis shoes 2 weeks earlier than she had been able to during her previous surgery.

The picture on the left is how it looked after being on her feet painting all day on 1/16/17.

Her foot looks and feels great! Maddie is still healing, but it is happening so much quicker than what she experienced 4 years ago.

At this point four years ago, Maddie would not have been able to put on a boot. She said it was many months later before she could get her foot into her boot due to the swelling and pain, and even longer before she could wear boots when performing.

With the help of Probita, not only can Maddie get a boot on her newly repaired foot, she has been able to wear her boots the past few weeks when performing.

Again, the only difference between the two surgeries was her using Visi Probita's bio-identical Hydrolyzed Collagen Protein containing Collagen Types I - V, which allows the body to repair and regenerate similar collagen type tissues, including: Bone, Ligaments, Tendons, Muscle, Organs, Cardiovascular, and more.

What I truly love about Visi is it can help so many people. I love being able to introduce it and make a difference in someone's life. If you have a surgery scheduled or know anyone who does, let them know their recovery can be easier with the help of Visi.

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