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If You Have Achy Joints or Back Pain...

I consider myself the former Queen of Crappy Knees. When you are in pain 24/7 from achy knees or joints, dealing with it becomes a daily part of your life, like it or not. I had to think back to a time when my knees didn't continually hurt and it was hard to remember.

When Visi's Hydrolyzed Collagen Protein gave me pain free knees, I immediately knew it was something special. Though I hadn't researched it thoroughly, I realized Visi's AC2 Technology could help so many people, including a lot of my friends and co-workers. Many co-workers suffered from lower back problems, which wasn't a surprise due to the extra stress on the lower back from the heavy duty belt, ballistic vest, and being continually aggravated by the ultra comfortable squad car seat that was not ergonomically correct...

When you're young and eager to begin your career in law enforcement, I'm pretty sure none of us considered the fact that the stresses to our bodies could cause various painful and sometime debilitating orthopedic issues down the road.. I know it didn't cross my mind when I was having the ISP Star pinned on my chest. The repetitive physical demands placed on our bodies, such as getting in and out of the squad car umteen times a day, the physical toll from a stress-filled job, and just the fact of getting older all contribute to the wear and tear the body experiences due to the job as a police officer. The years have a way of sneaking up on you and suddenly, your back is killing you, your joints ache, and doing the job is more difficult than it once had been. What starts out as a minor issue blossoms into major ones in blink of an eye.

Our body's joint tissues - cartilage, tendons, ligaments, muscle and bone are mainly comprised of Collagen Types I, II, III and V. Visi's Hydrolyzed Collagen Protein contains the most bio-identical Collagen Types I - V, so when absorbed, the body is able to regenerate the similar collagen based tissues. The body is amazing in how it can heal. Just because you're older than you once were, does not mean your body won't do what its supposed to when you give it the right nutrition. You DO NOT have to remain in pain.

The following is an article by CoCoon Nutrition - Scientific Breakthroughs for Radiant Health titled, "The Power of Hydrolyzed Collagen to Regenerate Joints and Discs." They do not provide who authored the article.

If you have painful joints, or have been told you have degenerate discs, I highly recommend giving Visi's Hydrolyzed Collagen Protein a try. I was ready to call my orthopedic surgeon to schedule surgery due to the pain I was in when I was introduced to Visi.

If surgery is a must, Visi's AC2 Technology can help make your post-surgical recovery and rehabilitation easier. Customers have reported less pain, less swelling, less scaring, and quicker recovery periods. There's no reason not to have Visi help you heal.

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