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Hydrolyzed Collagen Protein and Athletes - 24 Week Study (updated 5/27/2019)

This Article, originally published April 15, 2008, in the online Current Medical Research and Opinion Journal, details the results of a 24 week study regarding athletes and hydrolyzed collagen protein. The results were authored by Kristine L. Clark, Wayne Sebastianelli, Klaus R. Flechsenhar, Douglas F. Aukermann, Felix Meza, Roberta L. Millard, John R. Deitch, Paul S. Sherbondy, and Ann Albert.

The results of the study were promising and they advised future studies would be needed to support their findings.

Note from Kim:

From my own personal results from using Visi's hydrolyzed collagen protein daily since September of 2014, their study findings are accurate. Collagen protein provides many benefits for the body. Prior to starting Nufinna and Probita, I was relying on Advil due to the continual knee pain I was experiencing. I had been told I was in fact, bone on bone, significant arthritis had set in, and at some point, I would need knee replacement surgery when I could no longer tolerate the pain.

I have been pain free since mid-October 2014 due to using the Visi hydrolyzed collagen protein products. I have also have a number of injured athletes and other clients heal quicker from injuries and surgeries with the addition of the Visi AC2 Technology Collagen products. Every athlete and client who has used the products consistently as recommended healed faster than the projected recovery timeline.

Visi uses a patented AC2 Technology combining the Arctic Cloudberry (a super fruit found in Scandinavian countries) and the most bio-identical Hydrolyzed Collagen Protein available. Visi's Hydrolyzed Collagen Protein is comprised of Collagen Types I-V, the same types as the human body's ligaments, tendons, skin, muscle, cardiovascular, bone, organs, and other tissues are. It is 98.4% bio-identical and 95% absorbable. Visi has made a huge difference in my life. It enabled me to go from having very painful damaged knees to being able to do whatever I want, including weight lifting, and not be restricted because of pain.

Visi has given me so much and it can do the same for you.

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