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Why Athletes Need Glutathione

More and more information is being published about the the incomparable benefits athletes receive from glutathione! Better workouts, faster recovery times, and improved athletic performance are just some of the immediate benefits glutathione provides.

One study showed 90 minutes of exercise led to a 60% depletion of glutathione. If an athlete doesn't have access to an additional supply of glutathione, he/she will experience muscle fatigue, poor athletic performance, longer recovery times and be more susceptible to future injury. Increasing an athlete's glutathione levels can cut their recovery times by supplying their muscle tissue with a greater energy source.

Exercise increases our bodies' need for more glutathione. During a workout, the increased oxygen produces more free radicals (oxidative stress). Our body then uses our naturally occurring antioxidant supply to neutralize these free radicals. Glutathione is the body's Master Antioxidant found in each cell of our body. Glutathione has been the subject of over 117,000 published studies and is recognized as the key component to our body's immune system functioning properly.

The oxidative stress from exercise depletes the body's natural supply of glutathione. Researchers are currently studying the long term health of competitive athletes, as many former professional athletes develop chronic illnesses/diseases. Oxidate stress is very damaging to the body, but the damage isn't immediately apparent. Many retired professional athletes have become diabetics, though they aren't overweight, nor do they have the normal precursors for having developed the disease. The accumulative oxidative stress damage acquired during their competitive careers is suspected of being the reason this and other chronic health problems have occurred.

There is some good news! Authorities on glutathione are predicting sports related brain injuries and their long term effects, such as CTE, will be greatly reduced and/or eliminated partly as a result of the availability and daily use of glutathione. Preliminary studies have indicated the application of glutathione significantly reduces brain cell death. Even mild concussions can result in brain cell death/damage, so the findings could be life saving. Bottom line - the future health of everyone can be improved from the availability of effective oral forms of glutathione.

Regardless of athletic competition level or sport, glutathione provides the following benefits:

Rapid and stable increase in energy; Increased stamina and endurance; Reduced muscle stress, fatigue and exhaustion; Improved cardiovascular function; Reduced lactic acid; Quicker recovery time; Stronger immune system; Helps protects the body from injury; and if injured, aids the body's natural ability to heal. Decreased inflammation; Provides nourishment to the muscles and aids muscle growth; Noticeably improves athletic performance;

And most importantly, is essential for brain health!

Until 2014, when Setria Glutathione was formulated, there wasn't an effective oral form available, so basically, glutathione supplementation was a waste of money and of no benefit.

For those who want a true edge over the competition plus additional protection against oxidative stress, supplementing with Visi Vara is a wise choice. Vara provides the therapeutic dosage of Setria Glutathione proven effective in 2 human clinical trials. Vara also provides additional vitamins essential to the body in a delicious pink lemonade flavored powdered drink mix.

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