• Kim Hayes

Getting Serious about my Health

After a bout with Rhabdomyolysis in July of 2016, I wanted to regain the muscle I had lost as a result, plus start on a transformation to become stronger and lose the spare tire around my middle that seemed to appear after I turned 50. I joined Jeremy Ferry's 12 week transformation program at his Pure Performance Gym in late October 2016. I basically started at zero strength and no muscle tone. My first workout with Jeremy consisted of doing various exercises with a pair of 5 lb dumbbells. It was a challenge to complete, but I knew if I committed to the program, which also included eating a lot cleaner, I would reach my goal of regaining my strength and shrinking that tire.

The trio of pics on the left was taken before I started the program - I normally do not wear anything clingy, but if I wanted to be able to see the transformation through pictures, I had to bite the bullet and not hide that spare tire.

The pic on the right was taken today after I completed a challenging leg workout day. I not only obtained a personal best for leg press at 270 lbs at 2 sets of 10, but was challenged to do 2 sets of 8 leg presses using 315 lbs! It wasn't that long ago that only 25 lbs was a challenge, so I'm very happy to be rebuilding the muscle I had lost over the years. I'm down 10 lbs, feeling stronger, and happy to see that the spare tire is definitely deflating! I've got a goal weight to get to, but as I'm building muscle, I might not hit that specific number, but that's not a biggie - deflating that tire is :)

I was joking around flexing when Jeremy told me to flex hard - that's my flex hard face - next time I'll have to remember not to clinch my jaw so tightly...lol! He said I would like the pic of my arm muscles popping - he was right!

Regaining health is a journey - IT TAKES TIME and COMMITMENT. In our world of instant gratification, we often lose our focus and quit. Visi's product line was created to help people "lead their best lives," by providing clean and healthy supplements to help them regain their health.

I use Visi daily. As soon as I'm done with a workout, I pop a Chocolate Probita in my mouth and have another one on the drive home. If its a heavy leg day, I may add one during the workout, or have a second one on the drive home. Most days I have a Nuffina smoothie for lunch, so I'm getting an average of 20+ grams of Hydrolyzed Collagen Protein daily, which not only supports muscle recovery, but also supports my body's ability to regenerate the collagen based tissues including, bone, ligaments, tendons, and more. Visi's AC2 Hydrolyzed Collagen Protein prevents me from having lactic acid buildup and the accompanying soreness, as well as I'm fully recovered within a few hours afterwards.

Jeremy always asks his clients how they feel the next day when they come in for a workout. I think I really surprised him the first time I told him I wasn't sore. I think he thought I hadn't been challenged the day before, which is never the case - he's challenged me and pushed me each and every day I'm there. Now, he doesn't question whether or not he challenged me the day before when I tell him I was taxed or wiped out, but am good and ready to go. I tell him I can't wait for him to discover the benefits of Visi's HCP, as he will no longer be sore the next day after his workouts, even when he's pushed himself to the max. The muscle recovery benefits of Visi's Hydrolyzed Collagen Protein are truly amazing! If I hadn't have discovered Visi, I would be perpetually sore from working hard each day.

I also take Vara daily, as it provides essential vitamins, as well as the super important Setria Glutathione to help keep my immune system functioning at its best. I know since Vara was introduced, I've been very healthy and have not come down with all the illnesses that have been passed around - yeah!

This journey will definitely continue and I'll keep you posted!

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