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Let's get to know Glutathione!

What the heck is Glutathione and why is it important? I had those same questions when Visi announced they were reformulating their Wellness vitamin drink mix with Setria Glutathione. I had never heard of Glutathione, let alone Setria Glutathione, so I wanted and needed to find out why my friend, Alan Ogden, the Glutathione Authority and Visi Medical Advisory Member was so excited about this.

Glutathione is a key amino acid our body naturally produces. It is considered the Master Anti-Oxidant key to our immune and overall health. It is in every cell of our body. With today's diets, stresses, environmental and food based toxins, our glutathione levels deplete. When the glutathione levels run low, our immune system is compromised and a number of health problems develop.

Glutathione has been the topic of over 117,000 scientific studies and currently, there are 67 illnesses/diseases linked to the common factor of low glutathione levels in the subjects of the studies. Cancer, depression, Parkinson's, ADHD, Autism are just a few of the diseases/illnesses where low Glutathione levels are considered a key factor.

Setria Glutathione is the first oral form of Glutathione clinically proven to raise Glutathione levels in humans. Visi's Vara has the same therapeutic dosage of Setria Glutathione used during their human clinical trials, which was proven to raise the body's Glutathione levels. Vara is a delicious vitamin infused drink mix that can be taken by both children and adults. It provides the body with both the Setria Glutathione and daily source of vitamins for optimal health.

I'll be sharing more articles and information through this blog. Having just turned 54, I'm very concerned about maintaining my health, as well as helping my parents/friends maintain theirs.

The following is a link to a blog detailing the diseases and illnesses linked to low Glutathione levels - they are listed alphabetically and each has a link to the scientific papers backing the information. I love this site, as it has so much beneficial information!


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