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Oxidative Stress and Firefighters

This is a blog article by Marissa Hughes about Oxidative Stress and Firefighters

She provides good information about how Glutathione can help protect against the damaging oxidative stress encountered by firefighters.

Glutathione is the first defense against oxidative stress. Stress releases cortisol and produces free radical damage. Glutathione is the key anti-oxidant to counter the damaging effects in the body.

Firefighters' encounter stress daily - whether it is fighting a fire, providing medical aid, interrupted sleep, you name it, it takes a toll. Now, there is an effective oral form of glutathione available proven to be effective in raising the body's glutathione levels - Setria Glutathione.

Visi's Vara has the therapeutic dose of Setria Glutathione proven effective in 2 human clinical trials. Vara comes in a powdered lemonade flavored vitamin infused drink mix, so its easy to add this beneficial super anti-oxidant to your diet.

We will be sharing informative articles relative to various occupations.

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