Your body works better and is more efficient when it's properly nourished and fueled.  Unfortunately, the reliance on highly processed and/or fast foods make it virtually impossible to get the vital vitamins, minerals and other nutrients your body needs without supplementation.  VISI and/or IMMUNOTEC can fill the nutritional void, by providing all-natural, whole-food alternatives to help your overall health resulting in better performance, faster recovery and if needed, optimal post-injury recovery!

  • Vísi's and Immunotec's product line can be tailored to fit your individual workout need.

  • For those who take a pre-workout, Vísi's Energí or Innunotec's Immunocal Energy Booster are perfect for powering through your workouts with a natural boost of energy - no artificial colors or sweeteners, no chemical stimulants and no crash. (Note - both contain caffeine in the form of green tea leaf extract - high amounts of caffeine can create a false positive on tests for performance enhancing drugs)

  • For those who consume protein prior or during their workout - Nufínna and/or Probíta provide the multi-benefiting protein your body needs. 

  • Immunití's AI Blend, and Immunocal Platinum support optimal performance so you can hit those goals, while it supports your cardiovascular system and brain health.  Optimizing glutathione has been proven to provide the best protection against concussions and is a significant boost for post-concussion recovery.

  • TruKeto provides non-stimulant energy and endurance, no lactic acid build-up, fast recovery, and fuels the muscles with 9 cal/gram for enduring power.



  • Vísi's Probíta is the perfect option for providing a multi-benefiting protein your body needs during a game/match.  The convenient chew is perfect for eating during a timeout, halftime, or in between games/matches to provide the fuel to power you through until the last point is scored or the buzzer sounds. 

  • Immunití can be consumed anytime the athlete hydrates.  Just mix Immuniti in a bottle of water.  Drinking it during a competition will provide your body with key antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins and minerals to power you through.

  • For those in sports where more than one match is played, the addition of TruKeto not only powers the muscles, but taken along with Probíta, provides optimal muscle fuel to keep athletes strong throughout the game/match.

  • Nufínna and/or Probíta Vísi's Ac2 Technology Hydrolyzed Collagen Protein and Immunocal Platinum products have proven themselves to be the best post-workout or competition recovery protein on the market.  

  • Vísi's AC2 Technology's hydrolyzed collagen protein is 98.4% bio-identical to what our body naturally produces, therefore, by adding it to our diet provides the additional collagen amino acids needed to keep up with the demands placed upon our bodies. 

  • 95% absorbable allows your body to begin the natural recovery process.

  • Both TruKeto and AC2 products reduce exercise induced lactic acid muscle soreness.

  • The AC2 Technology Hydrolyzed Collagen Protein in Vísi's Nufínna  and Probíta restore your body's collagen levels and promotes the natural healing of muscles, tendons, ligaments, cartilage, bones and more for effective post injury, including post-surgical, recovery and faster return to activity.  

  • Immunití's AI Blend, Immunotec Immunocal and Immunocal Platinum promote brain health and aids in post-concussion and head injury recovery.

  • AC2 TechnologyImmunití, Immunocal and Immunocal Platinum work synergistically to promote faster healing from injuries.

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  • Vísi's AC2 Technology hydrolyzed collagen protein products, Nufínna and   Probíta as well as Immunití are drug free and contain no illegal ingredients to disqualify an athlete.  immunotec's Immunocal Platinum is certified by Informed Choice Trusted by Sport Org.

  • Nufínna, Probíta and Immunití are compliant with and allowable under NCAA bylaw Nutritional Supplements 

  • Each product was submitted to the Drug Free Sport International-Axis and received a Level 1 Risk (their lowest level), as well as confirmed no specifically banned ingredients, nor do the labels contain claims that correlate with banned drug classes

  • Nufínna, Probíta and Immunití are World Anti-Doping Agency (WAD) and National Sanitary Federation (NSF) Compliant

  • Contain No substances listed in the WAD or NSF database of Banned or Illegal Substances

  • Immunití’s Arctic Immunití™ Blend (AI Blend) contains ProImmune® Formulation 200®, which is NSF Certified