Who needs VISI?  Who needs MODEXUS?  Who needs OPULENCE?  Who needs IMMUNOTEC?  The better question is:  Who doesn't?

With these four companies, the same products - used by themselves or in combination with others - work in a variety of ways for a variety of people, with a variety of health and wellness needs.

The benefits for athletes are amazing!  The benefits for each member of the family are amazing! Whether you are an elite athlete competing at the highest level or someone looking to maintain optimal health, VISI, MODEXUS, OPULENCE and IMMUNOTEC will keep you competitive and HEALTHY!

Talk to the person who directed you to this site to get more information and find out which natural VISI, MODEXUS, OPULENCE or IMMUNOTEC products might be right for YOU!

Goodbye Aches & Pains! Keeps You Living Your Most Active and Healthy Life Possible!
Maximized Performance, Quicker Recovery & Post-Injury Healing, Including Impact Injuries

As we age, we don't just look older, we FEEL older.  Every ache, pain and new health concern reminds us that we need to nurture and care for our bodies.  VISI, MODEXUS, OPULENCE and IMMUNOTEC products care for our bodies - reducing pain, increasing agility and improving cognitive health for the many years ahead.  Multiple studies involving adults in their 100's revealed they had optimal levels of GLUTATHIONE!  LIGANS are also an important antioxidant that our bodies have been robbed of due to its being processed out of our food supply - FOUNTAIN of LIFE has you covered!

VISI, MODEXUS and IMMUNOTEC benefit all athletes regardless of sport or level.  What you put into your body makes a difference in your performance, as well as during a post-injury recovery. These three companies provide options to fit your specific need! With VISI's Hydrolyzed Collagen Protein, MODEXUS' LIFT and/or Lonicera Longevity, and/or Immunotec's Immunocal line of glutathione producing products, you know you're getting the clean amino acid fuel your body needs to be perform better, recover quicker and heal faster.  

Wellness for all ages

VISI, MODEXUS, OPULENCE and IMMUNOTEC products were developed to provide optimal health for your WHOLE family - with natural, whole-food ingredients that accommodate most allergies and sensitivities. Most importantly, they won't interfere with most medications.  Young, old, or in between, VISI, MODEXUS, OPULENCE and/or IMMUNOTEC make it easy to make your health better.  

Helping you help others 


From chiropractors and naturopaths, to health coaches and gym owners, if you're in the wellness business, you should be on my team!  VISI, MODEXUS, OPULENCE and IMMUNOTEC provide natural solutions to some of your toughest challenges, allowing your athletes, patients and patrons to be healthier and happier.

Law Enforcement
EMTs/Medical Professionals
Fire Fighters and Military

Having served as a Law Enforcement Professional with the Illinois State Police for over 25  years, I have personal knowledge and first hand experience regarding these selfless and brave individuals!


Law Enforcement, EMTs, Medical Professionals, Fire Fighters and Military are our frontline heroes.  These professionals encounter a variety of stressful situations on a daily basis, which are very taxing to the body, mind and soul.  VISI, MODEXUS, OPULENCE and IMMUNOTEC have your six - by providing an array of amazing products addressing those issues- Stress, Orthopedic Issues, Detox, Cardiovascular/Lung Health, Energy to get through the shift, Immune Support and Cognitive Health, including PTSD and  more!.