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Introducing TrúKeto From Vísi

Introducing TrúKeto From Vísi

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Is there any research?
#GAProImmune, #GAVara, #GAuthority, #GAAminos, #GAImmunity, #GAPathway, #GACellsmart

Is there any research? #GAProImmune, #GAVara, #GAuthority, #GAAminos, #GAImmunity, #GAPathway, #GACellsmart

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Dr Albert B  Crum on the Importance of Glutathione

Dr Albert B Crum on the Importance of Glutathione

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Glutathione Your SuperHero to Fight Pain, Imflammation, Diabetes, cancer, arthritis, aids, autisim

Glutathione Your SuperHero to Fight Pain, Imflammation, Diabetes, cancer, arthritis, aids, autisim

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Modexus, Opulence Global, and Bellame Beauty

Each person is unique and there's no one size fits all approach to health!  I partnered with these specific companies to offer my clients a variety of quality supplements to meet each one's individual health goal.  

Visi and Immunotec Products


 Put the power of  Collagen Protein + 

the precursor amino acids your body needs to make the most important antioxidant - GLUTAHTIONE!

 VISI and IMMUNOTEC products are natural science based nutrition and supplements that promote

total body AND total family wellness.

 Get Healthy With Kim 


I am a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Gut Health and Hormonal Health Educator.  Many of us know we want to be healthier; we just don't know how to get there.  Whether you're an athlete wanting to fuel yourself better, or you're wanting to lead a healthier lifestyle, I can help you attain your personal health goal(s).

 Good Products = Good Business  


Kim Frick Hayes - Over 7 years ago, I started as a VISI customer, looking for a way to put off knee replacement surgery.  I have been active all my life - a 3 sport high school athlete, including being recognized as a 3-time All-State Track athlete, collegiate athlete, and Illinois State Police Law Enforcement Officer, leaving my knees bone-on-bone and extremely painful.  A friend introduced me to Visi, and after only using Nufinna and Probita for two weeks I knew I had found something special. 


Over seven plus years later and remaining virtually pain free, I've focused on helping injured athletes and other clients recover quicker and stay healthier because I know the products work. 


Having completed my Health Coach Certification with a focus on Gut Health and Hormone Health from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, I am able to further help athletes and other clients learn how to incorporate nutrition to provide the fuel their bodies need to keep up with the physical and mental demands they encounter.  

In addition to the Master Antioxidant, Glutathione, which is available in Visi's Immuniti, Modexus' Lonicera Longevity and Immunotec's Immunocal product line, I was recently introduced to another important antioxidant missing from our diets - LigansOpulence Global's Fountain of Life provides the complete essential ligans our bodies need!  


Helping others has been a blessing in so many ways!  



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Sherman, IL  62684

 (217) 306-1400

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